The gifted wine
from the
gifted island.


In the center of the island of Korčula, the fresh water ponds that feed the vineyards of the village of Smokvica are a remarkable gift of nature. Local people call this place “Merga Victa,” meaning “path for water” in old Dalmatian.

Let’s drink to Nature and the gifted winemakers Igor Radovanović and Nikola Mirošević, who created this Pošip wine for you to enjoy.

Merga Victa, the gifted wine from the gifted island.


Our vineyards are located on the outskirts of Smokvica, the birthplace of Pošip. Local people have planted indigenous grape varieties on terraced fields carved out of rocky hillsides, fed by the water from the streams. Today’s winemakers do most of their work by hand, just like their ancestors.

The rich, reddish-brown soil of Smokvica, together with the fresh water ponds and sunny climate — we enjoy more than 2,800 hours of sunshine a year — make this the perfect place for growing wine.


A grape variety unique to Korčula.

In 1880, a Smokvica farmer named Marin Tomašić nicknamed Caparin spotted a wild grapevine growing in the forest. He was immediately drawn to its fruity aroma and exquisite intense flavor, and decided to plant the grapes in his own vineyard.

Aware that he had stumbled across an exceptional gift of nature, Tomašić generously shared the secret with his friends and neighbors. In 1967, Pošip became the first white wine variety in Croatia with a protected geographic label. The only true Pošip is a Pošip from Korčula. The home of Korčula Pošip is Merga Victa.


Every drop of our Merga Victa Pošip will reward you with the most unusual experience that can only be felt when local people have the opportunity to offer the world their own secrets.

This wine of an indigenous and proud origin will shine with its impressive golden color and robust character with intense fruity and flower aromas, while still managing to surprise you with balanced and elegant finish.

At Merga Victa winery, we create authentic wine and our wish is to make people feel awarded while sipping it. You are welcome to join us in the celebration of the Korčula’s bountiful nature.

Here’s to the gifted island and its nature. Cheers!

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The best way to experience the rich history of Pošip is to visit our Merga Victa winery in Smokvica. We invite you to immerse yourself in a unique island lifestyle and explore the unparalleled taste of Pošip coupled with other finest local specialties.


LOCATION: Smokvica, island of Korčula

Excursion through the vineyards of Pošip, tasting and presentation of 5 wines autochthonous varieties + snack

The presentation consists of the presentation of each individual variety, the history of wineries and winemaking on the island of Korcula, introduction to the production processes during the creation of each individual wine. Tastings take place in a modern wine tasting room located within the winery.
Transportation from Korčula or Vela Luka is also included Availability: 08-20h Duration: 4h Price: 750kn

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LOCATION: Smokvica, island of Korčula

Tasting and presentation of 5 wines of indigenous varieties + snack

The presentation consists of a presentation of each variety, the history of winemaking and winemaking on the island of Korčula, introduction to the production processes during the creation of each individual wine. Tastings take place in a modern wine tasting room located within the winery. Availability: 08-20h Duration: 1h Price: 150kn

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Location: Šibenik - Jadrtovac

Tasting of 3 wines in the tasting room of Testament winery + paired local snacks*

Wines for tasting: Pošip or Debit, Opolo, Babić
*Local snacks: local prosciutto (near Šibenik) + mature cheese (near Šibenik or the island of Pag) + handmade crackers (Spelt flour, olive oil, Dalmatian spices) + spread cheese and / or avocado and / or young beans (depending on the season) + focaccia with dried tomatoes (Spelt flour, olive oil) and / or bread We can also offer exclusive, pre-arranged tours that can include brunch, lunch, veggie meal and the like in addition to wine. Tastings are always led by professional staff. Availability: 08-20h Duration: 90min Price: 200kn

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Merga Victa wine is always available at our winery, and also served and enjoyed in over one hundred wine bars and restaurants in Croatia.

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